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Five Seasons Whole Foods Market | Ocean Springs, MS

since 1977


Nearly 4 decades of experience

The Ocean Springs and surrounding community has been using Five Seasons Whole Foods Market for their organic foods and products since 1977. With nearly 4 decades of experience, we've been providing you and your family a great deal of healthy alternatives for your everyday meals!

When Five Seasons Whole Foods Market was opened, it was the only organic market in the entire state of Mississippi.


We strive to provide only the best in highest quality and healthy, organic food options, and we have new items coming in weekly!

Learn what kinds of delicious natural food we have in stock today!


Certified Nutritional Consultants on staff

Owner  Jan Walker and partner/son Paul Ballard offer not only a shop full of healthy alternatives, but they also have the experience to work with you and suggest therapeutic foods, supplements, and diet solutions.  All the products they carry have been thoroughly researched and third-party checked to be sure of their medical and nutritional claims.


When Jan's children were growing up, she noticed that there was a lack of healthy, organically sourced food options available locally. When she realized that other individuals and families might need those options as well, she opened Five Seasons Whole Foods Market.


Wander around this spacious shop and you'll see pumpkin seeds, spicy wasabi peas, and culinary sea vegetables like kelp, wakami, and nori. Down one aisle you'll find rows of dried fruits and grains in large crocks; wheat bran, bulgar, whole oats, and buckwheat to name just a few. Here you can select from honey, jams and syrups, tuna, risotto, pasta, and refrigerated cases stuffed with enchiladas, fish sticks, ice cream, ginger beer, and yogurt. Look for fresh baked bread, lamb and goat, seasonal vegetables, local dairy products, Mississippi caviar (black eyed pea salsa) and baked goods. Everything is organically sourced and GMO-free.


Five Seasons Whole Foods Market is an important resource for anyone wanting to clean up their diet and find healthier solutions to a fast-food world. The product assortment and knowledge of the owners cannot be matched in this part of the South; definitely add this business to your must-see list when you visit. The selection changes as the seasons come and go, so this is a good place to visit often.

At Five Seasons Whole Foods Market, crocks are filled with dried nuts and grains.

Our humble beginnings

There are four basic tastes including sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Bitter is where we are right now, which stimulates the heart. The heart is most active in the summer.  The heart and intestines are tuned together, so if you have problems with one you’ll have problems with the other. This is why most heart attacks happen in the summer. It has to do with the body changing. Our body goes through these changes as the seasons change without us knowing.  


So your organs and what you have a taste for are connected! There are foods that nurture and that are practically medicinal for your body, and there are also foods that are hurtful, foods that although you can eat them, will cause you not to feel great afterwards, or not to feel at your best.


We’re at the end of people having heart attacks, and moving into the season where we tend to have more small intestinal problems, which is late summer or Indian late summer as some call it. And it makes you crave the sweet taste. If not managed, you may end up giving in to that Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar when you’re checking out at a gas station or grocery store, or baking up a storm on a Sunday, feeling bad the beginning of that next week. Since the pancreas is where your body makes its insulin, your body is telling you that it needs sweet, so give yourself sweets in the form of cooked carrots, cooked onions, cooked kale, winter squash, and parsnips, which all taste sweet when cooked. You can get your good quality sweets that nurture those organs by shopping here at our store as well as at the grocery store to get the fresh produce, and then you’re not craving that sugar.  


We’ve got to eat the right foods at the right times to give our bodies the nutrients they need to strengthen its weaknesses that will exist for that season, and to prepare it as always for the seasons to come. You can start shopping for and preparing foods for different seasons that you would just add to your family’s meal and everyone stays in balance. Everyone has their weaknesses. You will be able to learn how to strengthen them, with food! There are so many things we can do to help make our bodies feel better and perform at their best every single day.  


Have fun with it! Once you're ready to start a healthy lifestyle, Five Seasons Whole Foods Market will help you all throughout your journey. We know that you can do it!

Have you ever thought about how the tastes you desire may be affected by the season?

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