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The Elements at Work

Who would've thought that finding balance through the elements can help improve your health? Karen Olson was able to explain this perfectly 9 years ago which gave us the passion to share her wonderful input on how five elements for five seasons can actually help you live a healthier life.

Start applying the five elements for five seasons for a healthier lifestyle!


Spring - Wood

Karen stated that the element of wood is associated with spring which is the time of birth and is perfect for new beginnings so spring is a good reason to:

  • Eat light, raw foods such as greens, sprouts, fruits, nuts, seeds and celery.

  • Add lemon to your drinking water to help detoxify your liver.

  • Develop an exercise program to further treat your liver.

  • Make plans for your future.

Summer - Fire

Now summer on the other hand, can be associated with fire because it's all about warmth, transformation and dynamic, energized movements which makes summer a good reason to:

  • Get plenty of cardiovascular exercise.

  • If you are fire deficient, eat warming foods, such as peppers, ginger, citrus, butter, meats, corn, cherries and basmati rice.

  • If you have an excess of fire, eat cooling foods, such as cucumber, sprouts, watermelon, apples, lemons and limes.

  • Set up power lunches and meet with friends, because fire is linked to social connectivity

Late Summer - Earth

Earth is unique among the five elements because it corresponds to two unusual time periods. First, it’s linked to the short season called “Indian summer,” that happens either September or October,  just before the cool weather sets in. Second, earth is associated to times of change throughout the year: where autumn changes to winter, winter to spring and spring to summer. Late summer is a good reason to:

  • Choose smart sugars – apples, carrots, dates, figs, grapes, peaches, pears, squash and sweet potatoes – to help the pancreas regulate your blood sugar

  • Eat mindfully. By paying attention to portions and slowing down when you eat, you can help the spleen.

  • Throw a dinner party. Late summer is associated with community and mealtime.

Autumn - Metal

Autumn brings the harvest of crops, shorter days and preparation for winter which makes it a perfect match to the metal element because it symbolizes the process of refinement and its resulting products. This is a good reason to:

  • Eat root vegetables, whole grains and hearty foods as a way to clean out the intestines.

  • Do weight training to make good use of the muscle-building protein you crave as winter comes.

  • Focus on relaxation in the evening hours. Autumn is associated with late afternoon and evening time, and getting ready for sleep.

Winter - Water

Winter is the time of reflection, rest and restoration. It is associated with water which is the element of pooling, tranquility and flow. This is a good reason to:

  • Keep your back covered! In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s important to keep your kidneys warm in winter.

  • Eat warming foods such as hearty soups, whole grains and roasted nuts, or steaming cups of ginger or cinnamon tea

  • Practice fluid exercises like Tai Chi, qigong or yoga

  • Pay attention to your dreams. Winter is associated with introspection and receptivity.

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